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Nishi-ku Mitsugaoka 2-4-5 Kobe, Hyogo 651-2228 JAPAN
Phone :
+81 78 995-2341(Main Line)
+81 78 995-2351
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Corporate philosophy


We meet people through the technology,
And work to delight people.
We walk together with the company for glorious life.
We continue to challenge anything under the motto,「The fear of failure is the worst failure」


Trade name TAKAYAMA Co.,Ltd.
Est November 1, 1999.
Date of foundation August 31, 2001.
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Company executive TAKAYAMA MASASHI
Head office Nishi-ku Mitsugaoka 2-4-5
Kobe, Hyogo
651-2228 JAPAN

TEL. +81 78 995-2341 (Main line)
FAX. +81 78 995-2351
Tokyo branch Azabujuban 2-chome, 6-2-2F, Minato-ku, Tokyo
106-0045 JAPAN

TEL. +81 3 6231 1756 (Main line)
FAX. +81 3 6231 1758
Business Rubber, resin, etc., all business incidental to manufacturing and selling industrial parts
Foreign bases China Shandong Weihai (Joint corporation)
Trading bank Sumitomo Mitsui banking co. Seishin-Chuoh office
Minato bank, Ltd.,  Nishi-Akashi offce
Tajima Bank, Ltd., Uozumi office
Kobe shinkin bank Itayado office
Nisshin shinkin bank Midorigaoka office



Nov 1, 2022. Moved the Tokyo branch to Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Jly 6, 2020. "Development and production of underwater connectors that are frequently used in underwater drones" was approved by Hyogo Prefecture as a management innovation plan.
Jly 16, 2019. Established Food and Beverage Division.
Sep 29, 2017. It is decided and "commended" from "Kobe Beauty and Bizarre Workshop" from Kobe City.
Nov 1, 2015. We've relocated the Tokyo office in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.And we opened a Tokyo branch.
Mar 19, 2015. Certified JIS Q 9100 which is Quality management system in the aerospace defense industry
Mar 25, 2013. Established a solar power generation equipment to headquarters rooftop, to open a Kobe Takayama power plant.
Aug 1, 2012. Opened a Tokyo office in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Jun 31, 2012. Receive the certification of "Kobe departure superior technology" than Kobe Industrial Promotion Foundation.
Mar 14, 2011. Established a joint venture in the city of Weihai, Shandong Province in China
Mar 25, 2010. Obtained certification of KOBE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM "KEMS Step 1"
Mar 25, 2009. Obtain certification of KOBE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM "KEMS Step 1"
Oct 20, 2008. Completed the new headquarters plant, Takayama, Inc. to change the organization.
Apr, 2008. Certification from the mayor of Kobe specific business plan.
Notified of the confirmation result from the new growth companies such as the Hyogo prefectural governor.
Mar, 2008. Contracted the land with Kobe city for Kobe industrial complex
Aug 31, 2001. [Takayama press industrial ]managed by current president Takayama Shinkichi , and [Kobe parts] merged, and established Takayama LLC.
Nov 1, 1999. Kobe parts is founded by Takayama Masashi who is current president, in Kamishinchi,Nishi-ku, Kobe, started the sales of rubber products for paper feed roller mainly.

Organizational chart