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Privacy Policy

Policies for the protection of personal information.

TAKAYAMA Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Company), personal information acquired by this web site (. Hereinafter referred to as the "Site") has a recognition of the important assets that you entrusted to us by our customers We will strive to ensure the proper handling and management in accordance with this policy for the handling of personal information. Your personal information the purpose of use of personal information, obtained in the following purposes, we will use.
  •   Corresponding answers to inquiries from customers.
  •  Provision of customer information has been subscribed.
  •   Support of opinions and requests about this site or our company.
If you wish to use the personal information for any purpose other than these, you shall obtain consent from our customers individually.

Disclosed or provided to third parties.

The Company, except as provided by law, beyond the range that received approval in advance by customers, and will not be disclosed to a third party to provide personal information.

Modify or delete personal information.

Our personal information of your own, if there was the offer modified or delete the disclosure from the person the customer, on that let me make sure that people who have the request has a certain identity of the customer, a reasonable we will respond in the range.

About Cookies.

A cookie is a mechanism to keep the memory in the computer of the user that the information that you have seen a person use this site. This mechanism is used only for personal information to provide better service on this site, customers can be identified are not included at all. This site has been used to measure the number of visitors since the default log file cookies. If you do not wish to accept cookies if you are, you can change the settings on your browser. However, please note the throne so you may not receive some services in that case.

About access log.

This site has a record as an access log information of how they are accessed. Access log of how they are accessed, and the type of browser you are using, di one, time spent on page one pair, the location of the immediately preceding access to the site include, but are such as the tendency of transition pages all been visited and does not contain personally identifiable information. Access log, but will be utilized for statistical analysis of web site maintenance and usage, can be used for any purpose other than it is not.

About for changes privacy policy.

The Company, revise the contents of this policy in order to comply with applicable laws with respect to your personal information, norms, we will strive to improve. Therefore, the contents of this policy Please note that you may be subject to change without notice.