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Environmental Initiatives

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Environmental declaration





  1. 当社の活動、製品及びサービスに係わる環境影響を常に認識し、環境汚染の予防を推進するとともに、

  2. 当社の活動、製品及びサービスに係わる環境関連の法的及びその他の要求事項を順守します。

  3. 当社の活動、製品及びサービスに係わる環境影響のうち、以下の項目を環境管理重点テーマとして取り組みます。


  4. 一人ひとりが環境負荷低減活動を積極的に実践できるように、この環境宣言を全従業員に周知するとともに社外へも公表します。

  5. 神戸市の環境改善活動に積極的に参加します。

2008年 12月 1日

代表取締役 髙山 正史

Environmental Initiatives
Basic Principles

TAKAYAMA Co.,Ltd. aiming a sustainable society recognizes that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to all mankind, will endeavor to reduce the environmental impact of raising the entire organization.


Takayama, Inc. aims to promote harmony with the Earth environmental management activities in accordance with the following policy in order to reduce all activities involved in the manufacture and sale of rubber, resin, etc., of industrial products, the environmental impact of products and services .

  1. Always aware of our activities, the environmental impacts related to products and services, as well as to promote the prevention of environmental pollution, You aim the continuous improvement of environmental management activities.

  2. We will comply with legal and other requirements of our activities, products and services related to environment-related.

  3. Among our activities, products and services related to environmental impact, environmental management priority themes will work as the following items.

    (1).Reduce of electricity used.
    (2).Reduction in the use of office paper.
    (3).Educational activities such as cleaning in the vicinity of the factory.

  4. Practice to be able to actively reduce the environmental impact each and every activity, and also published to the outside along with the declaration known to all employees in this environmen

  5. You actively participate in environmental improvement activities in Kobe.

December 1, 2008.

Company executive

"environmental management system" is a system for managing and reducing the impact on the environment in the management of companies (such as exhaust gas , the use of electricity and gas and so on ). Takaysama will continue working to protect the environment all together in accordance with KEMS.